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American Heritage Research
P.O. Box 110633
Carrollton, TX 75011-0633

Phone: 612-385-8145

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Michael J. Chapman, founder of American Heritage Research, is an author, speaker, and education researcher. He owns an extensive collection of rare books, which he uses to expose extensive worldview bias and censorship within mainstream public school curriculum. He has conducted in-service training for teachers in several states. Michael has appeared locally and nationally on such shows as “Point of View” with Marlin Maddoux, Phyllis Schlafly “Live,” and John Loeffler’s “Steel on Steel.” Mr. Chapman has spoken at national conferences including the Education Policy Conference in St. Louis, Eagle Forum, and the Council on National Policy in Washington, D.C. He has presented to staff at Focus on the Family and the ACSI and has conducted extensive research for local and nationally elected representatives. Michael, and his wife of 34 years, recently moved to Carrollton, Texas.