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American Heritage Research is dedicated to restoring the truth of America’s Founding Principles within our education curriculum. We are convinced that nations are blessed only as they follow God’s plan for freedom. The words from Leviticus, carved into the Liberty Bell, speak our desire to “Proclaim Liberty throughout the land and to all the inhabitants thereof . . . .”

About Michael Chapman:

Michael J. Chapman is an author, speaker, and education researcher.  He owns an extensive collection of rare books, which he uses to expose extensive worldview bias and censorship within the National Education Standards and public school curriculum.

Michael has spoken at various state and national conferences on [America’s Censored Heritage and Agenda 21] from Maine to California, including Phyllis Schlafly’s National Eagle Leadership Conference, Reclaiming America for Christ, and the Council on National Policy in Washington DC – where he helped expose the Goals 2000 and School-to-Work agenda alongside his longtime friend and co-speaker, then-State Senator Michele Bachmann.  He has appeared on many local and national broadcasts and his research has been sited by such authors as Phyllis Schlafly, John Stormer, Charlotte Iserbyt, Tom Deweese, Col. E Ray Moore, and Brannon Howse.  Michael’s own DVD, America’s Censored Heritage, was rated a “4 star – must see” by Dr. Ted Baehr of Movie Guide Review.

Mr. Chapman was also a founding board member of EdWatch – the largest grass-roots education movement in Minnesota history. In 2006, working closely with David Barton of Wallbuilders, Michael’s research and testimony helped pass “the American Heritage Restoration Act,” which will help prevent the “censorship” of America’s True Christian Heritage in Minnesota public schools.

Michael and his wife of 35 years – Joy – have recently relocated to Dallas, Texas.


“Michael Chapman has an important message about America’s Judeo-Christian heritage which, if heeded, can help restore the know of this rich heritage to the churches and families of our land.  His tapes, books, and seminars contain keen insights which will increase spiritual awareness.”
Chaplain E. Ray Moore, Jr., Lt. Col., USAR ret, author of Let My Children Go

“Impeccable research is hard to come by.  Mike Chapman’s research on the American education system, especially its restructuring from academics to the Soviet polytech system, is first-class.  Mike has provided me with invaluable current documentation on the deplorable state of our education system.”
Charlotte T. Iserbyt, author of the deliberate dumbing down of america

“Michael Chapman’s research on education is important and impressive.”
Phyllis Schlafy, author and founder of Eagle Forum

“It is rare to watch a lecture and be captivated by it. America’s Censored Heritage is just such a lecture. . . . It is a brilliant exposition.”
Dr. Ted Baehr, Movie-Guide Review

Few individuals will ever attain Michael Chapman’s knowledge of our true American heritage. A fervent collector of historical truth, his presentations are not only informative, they are riveting!” 
Renee T. Doyle, Founding President of the Maple River Education Coalition (EdWatch)

“Michael Chapman’s seminar gives compelling evidence to the fact that the Humanist Worldview controls education.  This seminar will shock most people!”
Brannon Howse, author of Reclaiming a Nation at Risk and founder of Worldview Weekends

“Contrary to current public school history books, the Founder’s writings presented in this seminar prove that America was based on Biblical principles.  I highly recommend this seminar!”
John Newton, administrator of SW Christian High School

“Michael Chapman’s position is not against our public schools or its teachers, but a worldview that endangers us all . . . . We need to hear Chapman’s warning . . . if we are to protect the minds and souls of our children.”
Pastor David Anderson, author of The Omega Prophecy

“Mike Chapman has the ability to take mountains of facts and information and mold them into presentations that are both logical and powerful.  I highly recommend that home educators and their teenage children hear what he has to say about education today!”
Cindy Zipf, The Homeschool Report