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CD’s and DVD’s

$25.00 2-DVD’s Order now! 


Education for Sustainable Tyranny, by Michael J. Chapman, is a live multimedia presentation with an interactive DVD menu.  You will see for yourself:

Original Source UN Publications and Evidence.

Actual Curriculum Examples Exposing the Propaganda.

Rare Video Clips—from the “horse’s mouth.”

DISK 1 (59min):  The UN Agenda for America’s Children:  The UN has declared 2005—2015, “The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).” President Bush has brought America back as “full partners” with UNESCO—the lead agency in ESD!  Is it a coincidence that No Child Left Behind must be implemented by 2015? Explains the answer and reveals the globalist education curriculum agenda in America!

DISK II (54 min): Restructuring for a State-Planned Economy: Find out how School-to-Work and State Economic Development Plans relate to the UN agenda to transform America away from it’s founding principles and systematically prepare our children to accept their new roles as “human resources” under a government-planned and managed global economy.

$39.00    3-DVD’s     Order now!

Liberty Set

America’s Choice:  Liberty or Sustainable Development, produced by the American Policy Center, has been designed to provide grassroots activists with the knowledge and the tools to oppose the radical agenda of sustainable development in their own communities. The DVD set contains three DVD’s with six hours of detailed presentations that can be used as programs for local meetings, local access cable television, and as informational tools for your local elected representatives.

This 3-DVD package includes presentations by: Michael Shaw, Freedom 21; Michael Coffman, Sovereignty International; Michael Chapman, Ed Watch; Beverly Eakman, National Education Consortium; and Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center. 

$15.00 DVD    –   Order now!

AmerCensHer video cover1


Evidence from popular textbooks show that history has been censored, rewritten, and redefined to support politically correct thinking in our children.


This video shows how anti-American and anti-Christian bias within these lessons work to undermine the faith and values of our children.







$10.00 Order now!



by Michael Chapman

This thoroughly documented 70-page manuscript reveals the Humanist plan for a future new society based on the same failed ideas tried by other countries and cultures and compares the Humanist Manifesto with popular social studies lessons.




$12.00 Order now!



by Allen Quist

The cover states: “In this book, Allen Quist strips away the veil and cuts through the rhetoric. He shows how the change agents are quietly and effectively restructuring education in a way that transforms schools from institutions of learning to centers of social engineering.”